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“Just Can’t Stop Eating This Stuff“

Temporarily closed. End of lease and still in search of a new production facility. Please check back for updates, or call 623-312-2278 for automated message update. We are very sorry for any inconvenience. Thank you.

We offer multiple flavors to choose from, for both retail and wholesale customers.


Our gourmet products are crafted using only the finest ingredients including: Iowa Grown Premium Popcorn, direct from grower, which we pop in Pure Coconut Oil.

Classy Crisps

Classy Crisps Gourmet Popped Corn is a great crowd pleaser. Perfect for the holiday season, or any season, Classy Crisps Gourmet Popped Corn is sure to satisfy Your taste buds! Try our unique flavors, like Classy Crisps Apple Cinnamon Corn, which is like biting into a fresh apple, or our Classy Crisps Chocolate Corn, which is the equivalent of a delicious European premium chocolate bar. Cheese lovers will delight in the delicious taste of our Cheese Corn, which does not stick to your fingers, but to the corn, or our Crisps Butter Crunch Corn which has received rave reviews from customers, and has a rich buttery flavour, with a hint of Celtic sea salt and sweetness.

Karmel Korn Addicts

“I really enjoyed the KunFuzed korn! It was delicious. I especially like that it isn’t salty. And how did you remove all the kernel shells? After eating the korn, I didn’t have to floss! It was yummy. I’m impressed…….I finished the last of the korn this evening, licking the inside of the bag … just kidding! Very tasty!”

“I CAN’T STOP EATING THIS STUFF. Take it away PLEASE… No wait! Just one more bite. OK Now… No Wait.”

“Hi Di. I wanted to tell you why I always buy 1 large bag, and 1 medium, of the same variety when I come in there. It’s because I buy one to “share” with my husband. It makes him happy that I thought about him. It’s always sealed, and never opened.

What he doesn’t know is that I bought a large bag for myself and keep it at work 🙂 Everyone is happy!”

Had a great time last night at the Coyotes game 1/23/13. Met Alice Cooper and he loved my Krml-Krn 2 “Di” 4. Posted about us on his Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. What a nice guy. Made my week! Thank you so much 🙂


Wall of Fame


Karmel Korn Addicts

I really enjoyed the KunFuzed korn! It was delicious. I especially like that it isn’t salty. And how did you remove all the kernel shells?


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Wall of Fame

Alice Cooper, Terri (my best friend and head “Keebler”), and I at the Phoenix Coyotes game after I skillfully (luckily) tossed a bag up to him on the suite level from my stand. He loved it, and was gracious enough to take pictures, sign his autograph, speak on video and post us on his facebook.


Place your order securely using our on-line portal, or your can call us directly to have your order placed. You can also go to the select retail outlets that carry our ClassyCrisps Gourmet Popped Corn.

Who We Are

Company History

Our company has a unique, and rich background that has captivated our loyal followers for years.

About Us

2 Di 4-ClassyCrisps Gourmet Popcorn, Inc. is the result of merging 2Di4 Gourmet Popcorn and ClassyCrisps Gourmet Popcorn. Both have a rich history of innovation, and customer loyalty.