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Ever had Caramel Corn that was just too sweet? Or maybe too much popcorn with only a little bit of coating on it? Or my personal favorite….caramel corn that tastes like the package it came from? Either way..a couple handfuls and you’re done? Well this isn’t that. Our Karmel Korn is so rich and buttery, golden brown, and perfectly sweet; the taste just lingers in your mouth. No matter how much you tell yourself “No!” your hand will have a mind of its own (You may have to smack it with the other one).

Our gourmet products are crafted using only the finest ingredients including: Iowa Grown Premium Popcorn, direct from grower, which we pop in Pure Coconut Oil. Creamy Butter. Rich Molasses. Extra Large Roasted Virginia Peanuts, Whole Pecan Halves, Large Roasted Cashews. Real Bacon in our Bacorn. Real Jalapenos in our Hala-Pain-Yo. Absolutely, positively no artificial anything in our Premium Karmels and Savory’s. Not to mention that we are GLUTEN FREE! Everything on our site and in our Gourmet Shop is Gluten Free. EVERYTHING!

Karmel Korn 2 “Di” 4 and ClassyCrisps is no “light-weight” product. It’s actually a common comment I receive when someone picks up the bag . . . “This stuff is heavy!” Yes, it is. Why? Because the popcorn we use holds plenty of the caramel in all the nooks and crannies, so you end up with a balance of popcorn to candy. It almost melts in your mouth. This is part of the reason shipping may be a tad higher than anticipated . . . because we aren’t full of fluff.

We are a hands-on production, meaning that aside from the machine cooking the caramel and gently coating it, the rest is all done by hand. From hand-tossing and finishing the product, to bagging, sealing, labeling, and date-stamping. Because of this, we suggest that you place your order in plenty of time for your pick-up or delivery. Between all of our events, the 17+ locations that carry our product, filling phone and internet orders, we are working as fast as we possibly can to make your order fresh, and get it to you as quickly as we can.

Something to consider, especially during the holidays: Those beautiful popcorn and food gifts that you purchase for your favorite people, at a big store…… have been made, and sitting there an average of 4 months BEFORE you buy it as a gift. You’ve received them, too. Stale….. Fresh is better!

We truly believe we have a superior product, brought to you at affordable prices, so that everyone can spoil themselves, even if just every once in awhile. Not to mention that it’s a gift that you will be requested to give again and again.

There’s a reason our tag line is “Just Can’t Stop Eating This Stuff!!”

Diane “Di” Tanner

Hello, my name is Diane and I’m a single Mom of four fantastic kids who I adore. We reside in a town called Buckeye, Arizona.

The name 2 “Di” 4 comes from two places. First, obviously, its a play off of my name (“Di”ane), but secondly its from overhearing so many people say to someone else “Have you tried this stuff? Its to ‘Die’ for!”

2 “Di” 4 and our signature Karmel Korn is the culmination of over twenty years of pure procrastination. Mind you, I’ve run a very successful international business in the nutrition industry for sixteen years, so helping people get well has been my major love. No need to pursue being an accomplice to people’s sweet tooth, and bad habits, right? I could just keep feeding my own bad habits, and those of family/friends. (I was doing my best to try and save you, here. You should appreciate that!)

When I was a kid, there was a caramel corn franchise in Arizona that had great caramel corn. After they went out of business, I couldn’t find anything I liked for years to come. So, I started playing around with it and finally landed on my recipe. It is so buttery melt-in-your mouth good. I started making it on my stove and hand-tumbling it in a tamale pot in small batches.

After doing this for years on the holidays, things started to get tedious. Doing small batches in a tamale pot is a lot of work. I couldn’t afford the real equipment and I couldn’t keep doing it in small batches, so I needed to find a compromise. While at a friend’s house one day, we were outside talking about some landscaping they were having done. Out of the corner of my eye I saw something spinning. It was a cement mixer. “That will work!” (don’t worry I didn’t use that one) I went shopping and bought a brand new cement mixer I liked, and found a place downtown that sandblasted the drum, and coated it to be food-safe. I’m pretty sure I have the only culinary-grade cement mixer in the world! Every family should have one in their kitchen. I can’t tell you how “regal” it looks. One day while stopped at a light next to a cement truck a friend said “Hey, some day when you grow up, you can have one of those.”

Well! What do ya think???

Even my new equipment didn’t halt my procrastination. I had interest from our two local warehouse clubs, and even had Wayne Gretzky inquiring into putting it in the Arena. Finally through chronic nagging from friends, family, and loyal customers, more doors opened and the funding made itself available to get the real equipment (be still my heart). However, I still needed a commercial kitchen (note: still able to procrastinate).

This last piece finally appeared in the form of a little commercial Deli, attached to our neighborhood Library, through my friends, Jack and Deb Kastel of Kastelco Concessions, Arizona. “Hey, Di . . . Why don’t you run this? You can make your Karmel Korn there.” Ugh! Even my friend who is a local radio Astrologer (Erica Phillips), snapped at me for sitting on this. “I get so many people in this economy asking me about starting a new business. To about 85% of them I say ‘it wont survive.’ You, Diane, I tell to do this, and you tell me NO.” (She still calls me to see my progress. Nag… said lovingly, of course)

So, thanks to all these little bits of good fortune finding their way into my lap, you now are able to enjoy my creation. The procrastination stops here! I take NO responsibility for your legal addiction. I take NO responsibility for your belly-ache because you can’t stop eating it. I take NO responsibility for any new dimples that may appear on your body in not-so-great places, because you can’t manage to close the bag back up. I DO however, take responsibility for providing you with the best product I can possibly give you, made with all the best ingredients.

Please enjoy my Karmel Korn responsibly (don’t sabotage your friends’ diets!) and please, let me know what you think. It is truly Caramel Corn to Die for.

– “Di”ane

Karmel Korn Addicts

I really enjoyed the KunFuzed korn! It was delicious. I especially like that it isn’t salty. And how did you remove all the kernel shells?


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Wall of Fame

Alice Cooper, Terri (my best friend and head “Keebler”), and I at the Phoenix Coyotes game after I skillfully (luckily) tossed a bag up to him on the suite level from my stand. He loved it, and was gracious enough to take pictures, sign his autograph, speak on video and post us on his facebook.


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