Company History

Beatrice Popcorn Co. (ClassyCrisps) is the combination of 2Di4 Gourmet, LLC in April of 2020. Though our story goes back much further.

Since 1992, Beatrice Popcorn, through its predecessors, has been producing quality popped corn snacks. Originally, known as Dewey’s Gourmet Popped corn, the brand went through a name change in 2000 to reflect a more unique name of Napasada. In 2007, Napasada became a product of Beatrice Snack Products, a business unit of Beatrice Foods Co., and now goes by the name of ClassyCrisps Gourmet Popped Corn as of 2018. In 2010, 2Di4 Gourmet, LLC was founded by Diane “Di” Tanner with her signature Karmel Korn, and is the result of culmination of over twenty years of pure procrastination. Now, two great brands are under the same leadership of Diane Tanner, and our story of producing some of the best gourmet popcorn is just beginning!

April 2022, Cuppedia, LLC takes part ownership of Beatrice Popcorn Co., through the acquisition of Beatrice Foods Co. ownership share of the popcorn business.





Company Logo – 2017-2021

Current Company logo – 2022

Beatrice Archives

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Beatrice From Buildup Through Breakup